Tuesday, December 2, 2008


So, being from Detroit, obviously the whole "Big Three Bailout" strikes a chord with me and I'm trying to absorb information regarding the situation. When the CEOs were chastized for flying their corporate jets to Washington D.C. at tens of thousands of dollars, I was pissed just as much as everyone else. No one wants to give a beggar with a gold tooth any food. (Is that not P.C.? Oops. Perhaps the beggar got his gold tooth in a V.A. hospital after 'Nam. Oops, STILL not P.C.?!)
Anyway, so when I read this article http://www.mlive.com/newsflash/index.ssf?/base/news-59/1228254256140090.xml&storylist=newsmichigan I became a bit more preturbed. Now these guys are going the extreme and driving to D.C.?  Come on, give me a break. I mean, good job for at least learning a lesson, but really? I think this is wasteful. The time these guys are spending to make a 10+ hour drive could be better spent, really. I know they're trying to make a point, but does it annoy anyone else when people go totally overboard when doing so?

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