Wednesday, January 25, 2006

linds1982smith: so you're single?
linds1982smith: how rude, i didn't even ask
Sandman302: yeah, im "out there"
linds1982smith: out there like single?
Sandman302: yeah
linds1982smith: well that's fun
linds1982smith: any prospects?
Sandman302: nah, just kinda doing my thing
Sandman302: whatever that thing is
Sandman302: having a geef is overrated
linds1982smith: the internet, poker, video game thing, occasional masturbation
Sandman302: LOL
linds1982smith: i know how it goes... : P
Sandman302: i seroiusly about spit water on my screen
Sandman302: very nice
linds1982smith: lol
linds1982smith: sometimes i whip up something good like that
linds1982smith: that was a gem, i must admit

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