Monday, January 16, 2006

Umm can we talk for a second about how celebrities are stealing my baby names!? Granted, it's not like I'm with child, will be with child in the near or not-near future, nor am even getting laid thus the possibility of conceiving a child, BUT. First it was Britney - who I love, don't get me wronte - with SEAN. Umm, hi, that's MY baby name. NOW, I read that Ange-fucking-lina is going to name her son WILLIAM. UMMMM No you di'nt. NO YOU DID NOT. I hope that her baby turns out to be a girl, that by the grace of god a sonogram showed the girl with her hand down at her crotch looking like a baby penis or something. Now all I need is Katie Holmes and her manic gay boyfriend to decide to call their baby JAMESON and I will shoot up the internet with a bb gun. That's all!

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