Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Omg if I read one more g.d. story about stupid James Frey and his dumb memoir/novel/whatever it is, I'll have to shit on my computer. Not "vomit a little in my mouth" but shit right on the gloriousness that is my Dell Inspiron's soundless keyboard. I was about 1/3 into the book when a friend sent me the link to the Smoking Gun thing, before it made huge news, and I sort of dismissed it cuz that site's a little crazy. Turns out they're not so crazy afterall, and it totally made me not want to finish the book because of all the commotion. But what a boring paragraph, I just realized!

I'll be on a plane to Hawaii in like.... doing the mental math.... 30 hours? Something like that? Whooooo-hoo!

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