Friday, May 14, 2004

i'm aware of how painful it is to read these... and it's friday, so therefore i hate you (i know that didn't make any sense, SUE ME!) and will give you this:

Nickname: Linds
Age: 22
Dependents: the cans of diet coke in my fridge... they depend on me to consume them
Method of wasting time: internet, sleep
Personality: INTJ
Priority One: mascara
Personal hell: dentist, interviews, having a really bad sunburn, reliving embarassing moments in my head
Livelihood: red hair, big breasts, charming personality
Blood type: O+
Candy: reeses peanut butter cups
That guy: sweating in the middle of a blizzard
Food nemesis: chinese buffet
Broken bone count: 0
Never been to: nyc, west coast, alaska
Soap: bath and body works, bergamot corriandor
Self-amusement: blogging, black and white developing
Astrological sign: aries
Worst class ever: physics 183, for scientists and engineers
Wornout childhood toy: barbies, strawberry shortcake kitchen, the book that starts out every page with "one pitch-black, very dark night" which my mom used to read "one-pitch-black (pause) VEEEERY-dark-night (pause) right-after-mother (pause) turned-off-the-light" etc.
Place of origin: michigan
Suspensions from school: 0... i was/am one of those people secretly terrified of breaking the rules, who hated the kids who would lecture the "bad" kids because it made them look like really annoying do-gooders, and really wished i was genetically coded to be bad and break a rule or two myself
Compulsive: budgeter, looking up words i'm unsure of on
Foible: i'm negative and cynical when nervous
Humor: sarcastic to the max when around the right people
Color: purple
Pizza: uno's chicken fajita, cpk's chicken thai
Lucky number: no way

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