Sunday, May 23, 2004

I always felt like some kind of freak because I had never seen The Princess Bride, which seems to be a staple on everyone born between 1979 and 1984's list of Best Movies Ever. Upon telling people I had never seen it, I received the sympathetic look, the look of complete shock, and the demand to "go and see it right this second!!!" I don't know which rock I was living under when the movie came out, or when it was at its peak -- I never even heard of it until high school.

I've made note to rent it on more than one occasion, but somehow was more enticed by the New Releases than the musty Blockbuster Favorites. It was actually by complete accident that I saw the 2 minutes of it that I could stomach. I had just finished watching Serendipity (swoon... John Cusack), and turned of the DVD player, and my cable was on AMC.

There was a large rat-type creature rolling around on the ground with an ugly blonde guy. The rat was gnawing on the guy, and he had huge bloddy fang-type teeth. Soon the picture moved to a long-haired blonde chick (who looked vaguely familiar) who was screaming like a stupid chick. Back to the dude and the rat fighting, and I got a nice view of the gigantic tail bestowed on the rat's ass. Then, all of a sudden, the rat caught on fire, the dude stands up and finds a sword on the ground and stabs the rat creature.

Horrified at the ridiculousness of the film, I reached for the remote and hit Info, where I was equally horrified to learn it was The Princess Bride (and realized it was Jennay! from Forrest Gump). THIS is what everyone was talking about? Are you kidding me? I thought I was the freak?

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