Saturday, March 20, 2004

St. Paddy's day was done in style... drinking more than my body could contain, dancing my heart out, spilling words, drinks, food, and numbers, forgetting parts of the night, and feeling it (extensively) the next morning (and into the night). :D

There was a bar fight (I was almost busting out with the Arsenio Hall move, but figured there was enough snapping-in-a-Z and that my move wasn't really necessary). There was the scant clothing. There was the green beer. All in all, I had an awesome night.

That said, I spent ALL of Thursday hungover, and part of Friday too. Having 4 major academic obligations (tests etc) upcoming, three of which are due on Monday, I'm paying for my mid-week revelry this weekend. I spent Friday studying and have been in the library for 4 hours or so now. I never knew people came to the library on a Saturday, it's actually not empty like I imagined!

There are only 6 more weeks left in the semester, which means summer will be here in a flash, which means fall will be here in a flash, which means I'M TWO FLASHES AWAY FROM THE HOME STRETCH, aka my last semester of college. This is Fucking Scary. This is Bad News. This is Time to Grow Up.

But I don't WANNA! I want to be able to get wasted on a Wednesday and be able to lay around the next day! I want to plan my Monday night bar-crawl based on where I think my favorite band will be pre-drinking before their concert and not worry about having to get up early the next morning! Who ever said growing up was fun?? I want my money back.

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