Tuesday, March 30, 2004

8-ball... in a non-hard-core-drug way

Roxanne saw an old friend at the bar this weekend... he told her they should get together and hang out if she came home the next weekend. Tonight, after a few margaritas instigated her mad over-analytical skills that all females share, we got to talking about whether or not she should go home this weekend vs. going to western to hang out with the girls.

I looked over and saw her magic eight ball sitting under her desk. Feeling a bit juvenile, I told her to consult her omniscient sphere. She picked it up, and said "Well I don't know how well this'll work, it's a beauty eight ball..." but gave it a try anyway.

The first question: "Should I go home this weekend and go out with Dave?" :::shake shake::: MAYBE YES, MAYBE NO. This wasn't a good enough answer for Roxanne, no it wasn't.

Next: "Should I go to Kalamazoo?" :::shake shake::: CANNOT ANSWER TONIGHT

"Alright, third time's the charm... Should I call Dave with the intent of going out with him this weekend?" :::shake shake::: YES YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL

Gotta love the eight ball, for the eight ball doesn't lie!

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