Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Monday night I got wasted with my friend and roommate Roxanne. Actually we went to the brand-spanking-new The Post bar in East Lansing. Since we were two of the ten people there, the manager gave us free t-shirts, to advertise I assume.

Rox checked out the tag in the shirt, saw that it was a Small, and said "Well that's rather presumptious, don't you think?" It was a classic one-liner. Surely they don't want big-chested patrons in their new bar, but I have a feeling we'll be going back there anyway.

Upon returning back to 118 Beech, we bust out the video camera and proceeded to do a lip-sync of R.Kelly's new dance-party song "Hotel." It's rather funny because the song is playing on my laptop, thus shitty quality, and you can hear our breathy but silent mouths wording the song over the laptop's rendition. Haha, the next day, Kay told us she thought someone was hooking up last night. HAHAHAHA. Good one! (As it is MY room above hers...)

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