Sunday, March 14, 2004

It was a hung-over Saturday morning when I was sitting around with some friends discussing which Hollywood star I'd like to, um... fuck. The usual names were being tossed around, the Heath Ledgers, the Orlando Blooms, the Paul Walkers, the Johnny Depps. There was a lull in beautiful Hollywood hunk name calling-out, and everyone looked at me, who had been mute the whole time. The second I opened my mouth and blurted out the first name I could think of, I felt a bit silly.

Needless to say, I didn't live it down. He's not what you would call the hottest of hotties. Therefore, I would like to re-submit my answers (although one of these isn't so excusable either.)

In no particular order, I present you the "I'd like a night in the sack with" List:

John Cusack
Pharrell Williams
Ray Romano
Mark Ruffalo
Casey Affleck

I think it's safe to stop at 5... I don't want to get carried away here.

Anyone notice how I've capitalized all of the capital-letter-worthy words?? This is a first.

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