Friday, March 8, 2002

michigan sure ain't no cancun mexico, but spring break has been awesome thus far. i've really enjoyed hanging out with my friends. alpena was surely eventful... getting a FLAT tire, we're talking, driving on the rim flat. like ALL of the air was just gone. cuz that was cool. jacking up the car in 5 degree weather. fun stuff. took us 7+ hours to get up there, 4 hours to get back. snowing BULLETS just about the entire way up there. the next day was spent shovelling, yes that's right. and we didn't have snow shovels either... we had DIRT shovels. there was about 3 feet of snow, and melisa's driveway was about 50 feet long. yeah, so do the math and that's about 3000 cubic feet, BUT with those puny dirt shovels. *oh boy, was it fun. once we dug ourselves a driveway, we headed "into town" and saw the britney spears movie. i actually thought it was good. i know that brings any sort of credibility as a movie-goer down by about 2 points, but whatever. it was cute. on the way home, what do we see but a little black pudgy dog. there was NO way that dog was going to stay out there, so we loaded the collarless pooch into the back of the car. at first, he stayed in the garage, because they didn't think it was a good idea for him to come inside, but i went to check on the poor thing at 2 a.m. and he was shaking, so i was like, yo this dog is coming inside, like it or not. poor thing woulda froze to death. he woke up and started crying, probably missed his home! i made some calls, cuz i'm cool like that, and he was picked up that morning. so we go into alpena again, to get a spare tire, and let me tell you... if we didnt look like spoiled brats from the city, i don't know who does. it was humorous, and not in a condescending way. more of in a if-only-you-girls-knew sort of way. it was just painfully obvious that we are very much so still dependant on our parents. but i guess we're lucky in a way we'll never comprehend at the very same time. so we're coming back to alpena, going around a curve, and what do you know? slush decides to spin us out of control and, you guessed it, into a 4+ feet embankment of plowed snow at the side of the road. *real cool. i'm about to pee my pants because i just have to, and plus the fact that i have clogs on, and i dont' think i can open my car door because the snow is so freaking deep and i think i'm going to have to crawl out of the window. THANK GOD melisa put the gloves and boots in the car, or else i seriously would have turned into an icicle right then and there. so we start digging. wait. no, we walk to the nearest house and ask for some shovels, then start digging. a kind older gentleman stops to help us, bless his heart, and eventually a dude in a truck pulled us out. nevermind that it was just as we were finishing up the snow removal process, but you gotta love those up-north people. always willing to lend a helping hand. came back tuesday and chilled with the girls at karin's house. good times. wednesday, let's just say that my friends inspire me. kk is the strongest person i know. thursday, went up to the farm, an experience not to forget. attica, home of zehr farms. like jeremy said, they own the town. tomorrow, tomorrow is homework time. well, first i am going to sleep in. in my dinky new room. it's midget. alex now gets my palace of a bedroom, and i am stuck with the rinky dink room, but it's all good. i'm over it. so sleeping in, probably watching t.l.c. all day long, then doing homework for probably 15 minutes before i'm distracted with instant messenger (cuz people are almost on over spring break) and the television. i lead a very exciting life, can't you tell. i think i'll pamper myself tomorrow too. take a bath, maybe shave my legs, do a facial, etc. ooooh i can't wait for my massage... well, actually, not really, cuz then that means i have to endure those 5 exams... grrrrrr. makes me want to puke. why am i telling you this? ah, but you're still reading. nevermind. now i'm looking up marathon running guides. yikes, this'll be a hoot, me training for a marathon?! let me first try passing my classes, then we can talk about running. hehehe. okay, enough of this for tonight. laters skaters.

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