Monday, March 11, 2002

onehundredtwentythird blog

it took me like 5 minutes to count them all.
department of police and public safety came and inspected my room over spring break. yeah, i'm a badass.
(if only you knew why...)
i have another blog reader. i'll take that link off if you want me to.
today is my grandpa's birthday. he'd be around 77.
we lost power for about 24 hours. what did they DO back in the days they didn't have electricity! for real... no t.v., computer, phone, stove, fridge, garage door, furnace, NOTHING. holy crapola, just think. no instant messagener. they said i'm only 40-something addicted, i say they're wrong.
i think these next 7 weeks will be lonnnng.
i like when i can't pay my bills. that's really fun, you should try it sometime. maybe we can get together and not pay bills. good times.
i can't think of anything else that i want to say that can't be held against me.
and with that, i retreat to my bed.

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