Tuesday, March 26, 2002


43 - days until the semester is over
3 - approx. months until i leave for ireland
7 - dollars in my checking account saved for ireland
1011 - dollars i owe on my visa and i need to pay in aforementioned time until i leave for ireland so that i can put that much back on it once there
4 - time i woke up this morning having to pee like a racehorse and turn off the t.v.
1 - number of hours i added to my time sheet at work
5 - number of extra days to be spent in purgatory for the above sin
6 - number of extra dollars i will get for lying on my time sheet
1.2 - dollars per day in purgatory
3 - number of really good concerts i will see in a short period of time
70 - dollars spent on concerts
380 - number of really good song currently listening to in winamp
20 - my age in a few short days
29 - my 'proof'
5 - exams i had last week (i'm over it)
2 - number of 4.0's i got on my exams
49 - lowest percentage on my exams last week
2 - times i reacted physically to being scared at work
0 - number of really nice things that have been said to me today
100 - how much percent i'm over it
14 - on a scale of 1 to 17 how much i love sleeping in
12 - how many ants i killed yesterday in my room
11 - how many dead ants went in my roommates garbage
1 - how many dead ants stayed on the floor
0 - number of dead ants that went in my garbage
2 - number of ants i have killed since i started this blog
100 - percent of how much disgusted all 2 of my blog readers will be after reading that
84 - temperature of my body right at this moment
11 - windchill outside
8 - how many hours of sleep i intend to get if i finish this blog soon
alright finished. laaaaaaaater.

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