Sunday, December 2, 2001

ok now that i am over my blog-happy weird mood, (plus off the phone with roxanne) i am stating for the record that i have uninstalled, yes that is correct, i have taken instant messenger off of my computer. it is no longer on it, therefore if you see me online in the next week, come over and kick my ass because i shouldn't be. either i have downloaded it again like a bad girl, or i'm somewhere else on it. and i shouldn't be. if i'm going to get a 2 point this semester at least i should say i tried studying. put in a little effort. nevermind that all of the effort was in the last week of class.... yay for taking 2 100-level intro courses next semester. yay for probably being kicked out of the honors college. yay for college in general. that's 3 yay's i must go now.

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