Monday, December 3, 2001

i HATE cse131. just thinking about the fact that we have an assignment due this thursday, plus an exam this thursday, plus a 20%-of-my-grade group assignment, plus a final exam in a week in that class alone makes my body want to puke. this professor is out of control-just ridiculous. heartless if you ask me. does he think my entire life revolves around his class. my body aches thinking about this next week. asd;lfkjas;dlfkjasfja;fja;fjd;afjd;afjd;afjdadsflja. there got that out of my system. not really.
anyway. it's not even december yet. i mean, it is, i'm just in shock. who-hoo for sleeping in for a month at home in my comfy bed. having my dog come whine at my bed cuz she wants me to wake up and play with her. my brother and sister fighting, having real food available to me, hanging out, driving my little saturn, etc. i miss 13 mile and lahser. i love how i always know the light schedule for that intersection. school is great but i've never felt so stressed in my life. ever. and i don't stress, it's a rare occasion. so much to do, so little time. that's so cliche. whatever.
on a lighter note... i ran today for like an hour, and had some ben and jerry's. quality. i'm listening to oar, and marvin gaye. i have purple christmas lights on my loft. i had a fun time with 2 good friends on friday. my mom called me today. i bought my first christmas present today too. lifehouse concert is in 1 week, a long awaited concert at that. chiro in the a.m. (uhhhhh 3 8:00 classes next semster, big "we'll see"). i haven't done a shred of homework this weekend, and if i thought yesterday was a waste of a day, today was even worse. i literally did nothing. good episode of the practice, and a run, and Cherry Garcia. but not a thing else. took off aol instant messenger. had a blog war with roxanne. got some dinner. did a face mask. i am so rambling. my back hurts. six packs by the getaway people. what a weird song considering. i have no idea what's going on. i feel like people are talking about me behind my back, not in a bad way, but in a way nonetheless. it's weird. i don't like not knowing what people are saying about me. i'd rather not know i was being talked about. any-who. new song like NOW. yesssss it's billy. he's the man.
breathe in. hold. breathe out. repeat as needed. like over and over again.
what the hell am i talking about. i feel like such a sped. america's sweethearts was like the worst movie ever. besides "the honk-et" and "roll of quarters" reference. he was the only funny thing in it, even the whole dog-sniffing-the-crotch thing was lame. but johnny is still THE SHIT. pushing tin, say anything, grosse point blank make up for it. we all make mistakes. there's another one i love, but i can't think of it. damn.
whooooooa oh. for the longest time.
baby cuz i'm a THUG. no i'm not. i'm the anti-thug.
oh my gosh my room is sweltering. i'm only about 60% sure that "sweltering" is a word, and then only like 20% that it is applicable in the way i used it. i'm really hot though, as in temperature. when i woke up this morning, the room was spinning. that's probably not a good thing. it was spinning saturday when i woke up, but i thought that was cuz i was just hung over. i shouldn't have been hungover sunday morning too. but sure enough it was spinning. if i am even getting sick, i'm going to fail the semester. i won't even pull a 2.0. it'll be like a zero-point. oh well. i should buy some zinc. and take back my white christmas lights while i'm at it. wednesday morning. maybe, if i wake up.
i forgot to do my capa again this week. i'm so ........... i don't know. dumb. i mean, i could get 100% on every one, but i either put it off and forget to do it, or put it off til like an hour before it's due. screw that. yay for no more capa, like, EVER. it's been real.
colt 45. afroman. funny shit. kinda gross, but a little vulgarity never hurt anyone.
funny quotes from the weekend:
*hi, i'm doug, but don't worry: i'm gay*
*what's that smell? [looking around, then down at the tray] oh, it's my taco bell*
*this is my friend. she got a 36 on the A.C.T. --yeah, and my friend, she got a 35. i only hang out with smart people.-- *
*if you hadn't been [reference to a blow job] earlier, i'd say you looked cute*
*don't let anything bite your ass*
*[while someone's peeing in the bushes] hey if someone's coming, just run up to them and flash them, ok?*
*my hands are cold [reference to last year's last football game] --then put them down your pants-- *
*oh ... hi miguel!!*
ok i'm sick of being awake. night to all. i mean, night lindsay. cuz i'll read this to myself in like 3 seconds.

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