Tuesday, December 18, 2001

i wish movies were "satisfaction guaranteed" cuz i'd sure as hell demand my 8.50 back from Vanilla Sky. i can't believe cameron crowe did that - the same man who did jerry maguire, say anything, and almost famous? almost my ass. i should probably stop swearing, it's unattractive.
tick tock, the clock is counting off another minute... and here i sit.
happy new year blog readers. in advance.
did you ever realize how after college, i suppose like how after high school, you only keep in touch with those you make a conscious effort to keep in touch with? then i think of who all i have kept in touch with from high school, and i try and figure out who from college i'll keep in touch with. it's weird how life goes through phases like that, but what's the phase after college? nothing really. oh well.
but i'm still waiting to run into someone.
and when will it snow already? don't get me wrong, i hate driving in snow and stuff, but i want to go sledding before break is over! that was so fun last winter...
oh, and i've been watching TLC lately, and i miss it so! dating show, wedding show, baby show, trading spaces. it would be DANGEROUS if michigan state had TLC on their cable, cuz i WOULD NOT GO TO CLASS!
i've been stalking stu-info and they won't post my grades! i'm dying to find out how i did overall. ah it'll be one to post on the fridge.
say hello and wave goodbye."

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