Friday, June 27, 2008


  • This post was sitting in my "draft" box since May 7. So, today, 6/27 is not Freud's birthday, but when I wrote this, it was. Consider yourself informed.
  • It's Freud's birthday today... hmm... all of a sudden I'm really craving a hotdog.  No, scratch that, a bratwurst. ;)
  • I have no problem admitting to everyone that I qualify for the $600 tax refund check thing. Got mine today. It's scary how quickly I can spend $600.
  • We were doing some yard work late yesterday afternoon, and then left the house for a couple of hours.  When we came back and went into the basement, we realized the slider door had been left open.  Our slider doesn't have a screen, so basically there was a wide-open gaping hole to our house for a few hours. When we went to bed, Nick locked the bedroom door "in case there were hobos bumbling around the house."  Hehe.
  • There's a girl from Dexter who was on America's Next Top Model.  She made it to the Top 10 maybe?  Top Five?  Anyway, her schtick was that she was the manager of a Dairy Queen, and that she just wanted to get out of her small-town Michigan abode, and make it big in the modeling biz.  Since moving to Dexter, I have seen her at the Dairy Queen (behind the glass, serving customers) as well as catering a lunch at my work.  Yeah, that Tyra Banks show really worked out for ya.



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