Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Law & Order is on... L&O is a big hit around here...

Although I'm starting to get slightly annoyed by how predictable it is...

Opening Scene: Person found dead unexpectedly.

Opening Credits

NYPD, the "Law", interviewing the deceases best friend or business partner or father: "So tell me where was she the night of the murder?" [They are always walking... from Office #1 to Office #2, or from Apartment Room #1 to Apartment Room #2.]

Woman, walking: "She was with me [looking over her shoulder at the two cops], in my studio, from about 9:15 to 10:30 last night."

OKAY, who the fuck remembers what they were doing at 9:15 some night like a week ago?! Also, everytime the cops are interviewing people, the people are always "on the walk" (as in, "on the run"), walking from Point A to Point B. Ummm, if cops were interviewing me about my friends' death, I'd for sure be a.) crying b.) not walking to my next appointment.

I really hope the directors and producers of L&O are reading my website... I'm sure they are! I have loads of good tips... (god I'm an asshole)... (funny is that I first wrote "asshold" rather than "asshole")...

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