Thursday, May 1, 2008

A Night and Day of Excess

We're on a tight budget.  We get good news re: tight budget (see prior blog post).   We decide "We're rich!" and off to the pub we go.  Beers are drunk.  (Drank?)  Appetizers ordered.  Excess food.  Drive home.  Make some cocktails.   Make more cocktails.  And another.  Excess drink.  Hit the hay.  Seven hours later, hit the snooze. Again. Again. Again. Again. 7:06 a.m. SHIT. Excess sleep.  Lather, rinse repeat.  Stand under hot water, willing away headache. Stand, stand, stand.  Excess shower.   Drive to work, with sunglasses.  Belly aching, stop at McDonalds.  Excess breakfast.  Birthday at work!  Cake!  Excess sugar.  Bumble along at work, email after email after email of problem parts.  Excess work headache.
And I'm spent.

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