Thursday, April 3, 2008

I am sooo loving this. Let me tell you, I abhor the Microsoft Paperclip. Even worse is the stupid dog you get when searching for files. Hate hate hate.

You know what I don't hate? Rollerblading! Whoo! See post below... we're having a good time with our new rollerblades, even though spring has sprung here and with that a plethora of mosquito-y bugs and such. Nothing like wheeeeeee!ing down a slight incline right into a black curtain of buggery. Yummy.

Anyway, it's almost Friday. It's sick how much I look forward to Fridays. In fact, it's sick how much I look forward to retirement. Yikes. Anyway, so I'm traveling to LA next week for work, and we're staying in Torrance. OMG what do you think of when you hear Torrance?!?!?!?! I won't even give you a clue, you shouldn't need one.

I leave you with this: is purple cabbage not the most beautiful veggie?!

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