Wednesday, April 30, 2008


There is a God... someone leased our old apartment and now we are spared of continuing to pay $900+ for an apartment we are no longer occupying!   Huzzah!
In other T.G. news, I got a free month subscription of Blockbuster Online and now can reminsce while watching Freaks and Geeks, Season One (of one).  Judd Apatow not at his best, but pretty good nonetheless. I definitely
In other non-related news, the sky is such a beautiful shade of blue/green/gray right now, right at the cusp of night, between post-dusk and night, I wish I could bottle it up and paint my bedroom with it.  Also make skirts and eyeliner and a nighttime ballad with it.  Lovely.  Lively, oddly.
Lastly, I'm really excited for my sister to be moving to D.C. for grad school... I hope to live somewhat vicariously through her... D.C. is such a fun city, I am envious and excited at the same time, much more excited than envious. Minus the feeling of politicis (quite ubiquitous, really!) there's an awesome sense of learning and culture and education and philanthropy and non-profit goodness so-to-speak that it's pretty cool.
Much cooler than buying various PVC, polycarbonate, and dip-molded parts for the medical device industry... wah-waaaah.

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