Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Reason #4 I Should Not Be Called An Adult - or - How I Almost Got Arrested For Assulting A Hertz Representative (Even Though I Was The Dumbass...)

HolaMeLlamoAlli: honk
HolaMeLlamoAlli: hola
HolaMeLlamoAlli: ese
linds1982smith: honk from hola-town
linds1982smith: ese, love that
HolaMeLlamoAlli: so you got your comp back?
linds1982smith: yes
linds1982smith: omg
linds1982smith: i didn't tell u the whole story cuz it was too long for text
linds1982smith: so......
linds1982smith: we land in Texas, stand in line at the rental car place, go out to the lot
linds1982smith: our key says "silver Mazda 5" and we see a dark dark gray one and we put our luggage in the trunk
linds1982smith: i put my laptop bag in the back seat, take out my binder and start reviewing my notes, etc.
linds1982smith: mark tries to start the car, we realize we're in the wrong car cuz it won't start
HolaMeLlamoAlli: ohhhh
linds1982smith: so,... i start laughing at him, run out of the car to take a pic as he's unloading his bags from the wrong rental car
linds1982smith: TOTALLY forget my laptop bag in the back seat, which still has the laptop in it
linds1982smith: we get in the correct car, drive off to Mexico
HolaMeLlamoAlli: ohhh shoot
linds1982smith: visit with the Mexicans for a couple hours, drive to the hotel to check in
linds1982smith: as we're getting our bags out of the car, i immediately realize i dont have my laptop
linds1982smith: we high-tail it back to the airport to the rental car area
linds1982smith: other mazda 5 is gone
HolaMeLlamoAlli: how far away is mexico
HolaMeLlamoAlli: shuttt up
linds1982smith: i start sobbing (okay not really) and we go inside to the booth
linds1982smith: tell her the story...
linds1982smith: she's like "well i don't know what car that was, who has it, etc.etc>"
HolaMeLlamoAlli: omgina
linds1982smith: i pull a knife (okay, not really) and convince her she can look up the info
HolaMeLlamoAlli: lolol
linds1982smith: she sighs, calls her boss, he sends her a 15 page report of all the cars that we checked out that day
linds1982smith: she goes over them slowly, sighing loudly so we can hear and showing us what a long list it is
linds1982smith: i'm like "okay bitch, i know you wish that you could just sit and flirt with hor-hay-osa, but do your g.d. job!!"
HolaMeLlamoAlli: LOLOLOMG
HolaMeLlamoAlli: i am dying
linds1982smith: she found what she thought was the car, and called the ph # on record
linds1982smith: Thank f-ing God they had the bag
linds1982smith: dropped it off at the lobby of another hotel
linds1982smith: and we went to pick it up
HolaMeLlamoAlli: wow
linds1982smith: i sobbed some more, stroked the computer, and told it never to leave my side again

HONESTLY : Would this happen to anyone else?! I love business trips!!

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