Thursday, October 6, 2005

A few things, in short:

I was at the shoe store today (DSW, if you must know), and there was some creepy guy lurking around the 7.5/8 sale aisles. Every once in a while, he'd pass me, looking downward at my feet but feigning to look at the ground. Then he'd pretend to peruse the sale shoes like he was looking for something for a wife or mistress or daughter. I saw him no fewer than three times, and last saw him asking a woman in the aisle where the bathroom was. I can only dread to think about what he was going in there to do... no, I'm not a pervert for thinking that, for it's true: I was stalked by Foot-Fetish guy at the shoe store. Grosssss dude.

Secondly: I paid off my credit card(s) this week. No small feat, I promise. I graduated with close to 5-figure credit card debt. So I'm mighty excited to not have that looming over my head, and can sleep a little easier at night (no joke).

I love it when you're talking to someone, and you think you know what they're saying but don't want to flat out ask "So what you're really saying is..." but then you eventually realize that your intuition is right and then you can admit that you are guilty of the same crime, so to speak. It's really quite fun, the game of beating around the bush.

Up North this weekend Bitches! Don't cry for me, Detroit. I'll be back in the 'hood sooner than you can say BITCH WHERE YOU AT?! Keep it real, or die trying. OMG WHEN DID I THINK I COULD TALK LIKE THAT!?

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