Tuesday, November 9, 2004

Of Course This Happened To Me - I don't have the energy to re-tell the story... it's something i'd really rather forget. So here it is in its IM entirety. On a side note, I had better fucking get that job!!!

linds1982smith: hey
linds1982smith: u there
sleepingstar08: yeah
linds1982smith: omg! god hates me too!
sleepingstar08: lol
sleepingstar08: how was the interview?
linds1982smith: so.......... it's like 1 1/2 hour to dearborn from EL....right
sleepingstar08: o no!
sleepingstar08: what happened?
linds1982smith: and i was gonna leave at like 9:15 cuz then i'd get there at 10:45 and the interview is at 11
sleepingstar08: okay...
linds1982smith: and i am all ready to go... and i fucking remember i left my fucking car on campus last night and was so wasted last night i completely forgot to pick it up!!!!!!!!!!
sleepingstar08: ahhhhhh
sleepingstar08: holy shit!
sleepingstar08: i totally forgot about that!
linds1982smith: omg... you should have seen me... i throw on tennis shoes and RUN--- no SPRINT a mile and a half to campus
sleepingstar08: omg, omg, omg
linds1982smith: with a backpack on my back with the rest of my suit and my heels and shit
linds1982smith: omg if only you could have seen me
sleepingstar08: shit!
sleepingstar08: tell me you made it though
linds1982smith: i was like "Why isn't anyone stopping to give me a ride!!!!!"
linds1982smith: yeah i did
sleepingstar08: okay...now i am laughing so hard
linds1982smith: how? i don't know
linds1982smith: lol
linds1982smith: lasjd;flaksjd;fljas;ldkfjasdf
sleepingstar08: i didn't want to laugh b/c i didn't know if you missed the interview
linds1982smith: i was going like 85 the whole way
sleepingstar08: lol
linds1982smith: hahahahaha
sleepingstar08: that is so awesome
linds1982smith: no, you should laugh, cuz it was so fucking unreal
sleepingstar08: and then you had topay to get your car out too!!
linds1982smith: yeah
sleepingstar08: omg!
linds1982smith: i was like "i don't have a ticket... just charge me"
sleepingstar08: i can't take this
sleepingstar08: how much did you have to pay?
linds1982smith: and the guy was like "oh, well do you wanna look for it cuz otherwise i'll have to charge you from 7am" and i was like FUCKING TAKE MY MONEY AND OPEN THAT FUCKING GATE
sleepingstar08: i'm about to pee my pants
linds1982smith: lolololol
sleepingstar08: omg!!!
sleepingstar08: o shit
linds1982smith: seriously the whole time i was running to campus --literally like running like someone was chasing me -- i was like "GOD HATES ME TOO!!!!!"
linds1982smith: i only can pray and hope that no one i know saw me.... cuz that was a site, let me tell you...
sleepingstar08: lol
linds1982smith: too much
sleepingstar08: well if anyone says anything you better ask them why they didn't give you a ride
sleepingstar08: i can seriously not take this right now
linds1982smith: hahahaha
linds1982smith: ohhhhhh so funny
sleepingstar08: i love it!
linds1982smith: it's only funny cuz i made it on time... if not i would be like sobbing

..... later on in the conversation... Allison and i talk about something that happened to her last night that made her say GOD HATES ME! (which explains my God hate me too! comment) .....

sleepingstar08: whatev
sleepingstar08: i'm over it
sleepingstar08: i would rather not do that then run a couple miles in half a suit to my car

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