Sunday, November 7, 2004

I over-indulged in Glamour and Cosmo at Kare and Ame's this weekend. Who knew it was filled with so much smut! One of the Cosmo's was a 2-in-1 edition where there was a CosmoMen! edition in the back half of the magazine. There, they interviewed 50 guys, one from each state, and had a sort of dating section for them. Each had to list a "What you want girls to know about guys" anecdote. No less than 8 said something to the effect of "I just want to tell all of the girls out there that guys have no attention span. Don't read into what we're saying, because we're the simplest of creatures. If we want something, we'll tell you, or let you know. If we don't say anything, it's cuz we have nothing to say." Pair that with the fact that I feel like I'm incapable of reading guys, or very capable of reading into what the guys in (or, as it happens, not in) my life say and/or do towards me, and that makes for one very insecure and awkward girl. Let's not forget that those are two of my biggest turnoffs and you have yourself a red-headed, unemployed, self-conscious walking contradiction!

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