Monday, May 19, 2003

lindsay's take on...

summer lovin'
roxanne was going to hook me up with one of her frat brothers (meaning, introduce), but then decided she wasn't. so that was one wasted opportunity (for me... wink). too bad cuz he was cute (another wink). another prospect actually has a long-term girlfriend. not so much a good idea, nor a feasible one. cuz, well, attraction is a one-way street for me. i always like people but they rarely like me back. then another crush that i've had for like 7 years is going to be my fantasy crush once again, considering i never talk to him anyway. funny how that works.

summer job
yeah, i don't think that's going to happen so much. i like the flexibility of not having a schedule, and i already have my rent saved up for the next two months. so it is possible to not get a job, but at the same time, i do enjoy the social aspect of working. you know what i want to do? be a lab-rat (and by lab, i mean bar/pool/mall) for some psychology grad student who wants to study the effects of beer and other mild drugs, sunbathing, shopping, etc. on certain species. for instance red-heads... left handers... girls... shorties... and then get paid for it. that would be the best.

summer crib
burcham woods it is. got the front room, bed right next to the window. how great is it to be woken up (awaken??) by the sun? i love it. gets a little hot (but only cuz i'm there : P) but i love it all the same. its a little annoying being a tad off campus, but i'll deal. have the feeling the summer is going to fly by anyway, so it's all good.

summer goals
i'm not telling!

summer vacation
hmm not so much. although the obligatory week(/end) up at my cottage is a must. i wish there was more "life" up there, so i could just stay up all summer, but the lack of life would drive me crazy. hi, i cannot live in a city without a target, starbucks, and panera. or within 20 miles for that matter.

everything should be under "other" cuz thats how i feel my summer will be. kind of layin' low... not much of the social life... chillin and watching tv and movies... getting a little sun... probably driving home frequently for lack of anything else to do... takin' a couple classes... working out (ha) at powerhouse (no comment)... music and concerts... beer and kramit... and etc etc etc.
i hope for a little drama in my own life, that would be nice, but i'm kinda the blackhole for anything that is drama. wait, i dont know if that makes sense... i am the anti-drama, but not by choice, by design.

anyway, gotta clean the room. + apt. it took quite a beating this weekend with my homes up. i will write later, i promise.

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