Tuesday, May 13, 2003

friday: ft wayne to EL ~2.5 hrs
saturday: EL to bhills ~ 1 hr
sunday bhills to grosse ile to toledo and back: ~4 hours
monday: bhills to EL ~ 1.5 hrs
monday: EL to ft wayne and back ~ 5 hrs
tuesday: EL to bhills and back ~3 hrs
wednesday: EL to bhills ~1 hr
thursday: bhills to EL ~ 1 hr
GRAND TOTAL: over 19 hours of driving in less than a week. sickening! (no, sicketating!)

in other news, i have decided that we (' we' to remain nameless) are plain looking with cute personalities, which puts "us" at around a 2.5 on the GPA scale of life. that's rounding down, just to be practical. i no longer wonder why i'm single; i just accept it as fact.

i have not seen a movie in ages. i think the last one i saw was "how to lose a guy in 10 days" which was alright. i have not seen a good movie in even longer a time. which is a shame, cuz i love good movies. i'm also kinda having this memory problem, where i cannot remember anything. : P captain obvious. seriously, though, it's not fun. i feel like an old fogey (sp?). i need to figure out how to put comments back in my blog, so someone can tell me how to spell fogey (foh-gee). but i would like to take the time to show you all that i know how to use tilde-n's on my computer: ñ. and Ü for Über. ╗╜ƒçÑ⌐δÜSxܪï»╣!6║╦╨ i think these are all pretty neat. cue: get life.

what else is new with me? i am getting contact lenses. i am freeing myself from my prescriptive lenses and going for the whole lens-on-the-eyeball thing. hopefully my squeamish thing won't get in the way. i doubt it though.

allllllrighty then. i am going to go study now. someone email me with how to put comments on my blog. it was a fluke before when i had them. i can't un-fluke... errr, re-fluke. ?? whatever. also, what is the html script for strikethrough. and i'm outta here. peace.

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