Tuesday, May 27, 2003

coffeeshop conversations... it's too easy to eavsdrop in coffeeshops. actually it's impossible not to. whether it's that of an amateur porn "actress" (java hutt, last summer), two girls graduating from highschool (beaners, this summer), or just some college co-eds talking about mutual friends (anywhere, anytime) there's no way to turn off your ears. listening to such conversations makes me super-aware of my own coffeeshop chats.
there are those where you talk slightly louder than needed, with a surge of confidence, knowing that that kid studying by himself two tables over can and probably is listening to you. you laugh frequently, throwing back your head and looking around every once in a while to check out your audience. the topic of conversation is usually superficial, about "friends" who are probably really aquaintances, or something that happened the last time you got drunk. it always seems funnier when you recount it to your friend.
then there are those converstions when you notice no one, because the topic of conversation actually matters and you are too engrossed in the dialog to pay attention to the different gruops of people who filter in and out of the coffeeshop over those two hours. these converstaions are pretty rare, and you really only have them with your best friends. usually it's at the coffeeshop because the phone isn't appropriate, and it's an easy place to meet.
most of the time, coffeeship excursions are betwen half an hour and an hour long, catching up on what's happened since you last met. occasionally, you glance around to check out the crowd, and say hi to a friend from class, or from high school. talk revolves around future plans, current crushes, and gossip about friends that aren't there. the usual. these are the most frequent type of conversations and usually the best ones if you enjoy eavsdropping on coffeehouse chatter. the serious ones are too somber and usually it's too hard to follow along, and the ones who are loud and obnoxious annoy you for those reasons. at any rate, there's nothing like sitting there with your friends and talking... sometimes listening too. ; )

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