Saturday, May 3, 2003

i like attacked my gums with dental floss today. now my teeth are killing me. you know how they say, like, the ocean is moving 2 cm into california every year or some weird statistic like that? well that's how i feel about my teeth. like every year i think they move like .5 mm... but i dont know WHERE they go. they shift around, i guess. so that's what i did on a saturday in fort wayne. flossed.

john mayer and counting crows? did i die and go to heaven?? i think so!

i kind of need a job for the summer... any ideas? i want to baby-sit, cuz that's like the most perfect job, but i dont think that's going to happen. i want to work at pf changs again, cuz where else do you get half-off the best chinese food on the planet? but i dont know... i left that place crying a few times, and that's not really something that draws me back to prospective employers. clarify: employers did not make me cry, but mean customers ('guests') who yelled in my face and threw things at me did. sheesh

i got this RIDICULOUS sunburn last sunday, and i still have it. i tried to take a picture of it in the mirror, but i like totally missed when i aimed at the mirror. i'm a dumbASS. i always wondered why people put stickers on their bodies while they tan... is that supposed to be cool or something? if so, i totally was sleeping when that became fashionable.

gums, still hurt! i. want. a. drink.

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