Wednesday, April 23, 2003

yessssssssss i dont get points for my speeding ticket! (booooo i have to pay 140 bucks though) so i started training my co-op replacement yesterday... i took him down to introduce him to my boss and everyone else on our team. i was kind of nervous, cuz i still don't speak "business" and didn't know what was considered proper and business-like. anyway. so i go down there, and gene and john are making small talk, then it was clear gene had to get back to his work, so he ended with "well, you have some big shoes to fill... but i'm confident you'll do fine." i was like BOO-YA he's talking about me! annnnnnnnnd i'm a dork. newsflash.
so how jealous am i of my mom and sister in mexico right now!? it's like freezing right now, i have goosebumps and they have turned our heat off once again. i would love to be the person who controls the heat-box-thing. think of all the power you have. peoples' misery is at your fingertips. you are the deciding factor as to the happiness of hundreds. it would be like ruling the world, except it would be nothing like that at all. : P
i need to see a movie. in a theater i mean. i haven't seen a movie since "bringing down the house" and before that "chicago." i used to be a movie freak, seeing at least 2 movies a month, but i've only seen 2 movies year to date. anyway, clearly over that now.
shit, nothing else is going on. 2 1/2 more weeks until summer classes start. i dropped 2 of them (so now i only have 2 classes total) and decided to graduate dec 04 instead of taking 4 classes this summer and graduating may 04. so that should be sweet, only 2 classes, hopefully 4-pointing both. alright, i'm takin off. see ya later.

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