Thursday, September 19, 2002

okay so this co-op thing i am applying for is scaring the shit out of me.... well, not only is it a 2 year committment (and i'm set to graduate in december 2003) so that pushes back graduation, but i also have to INTERVIEW, which isn't like interviewing for a job at j.crew or pf changs... like a dress-up, answer behavior-based questions, and try to sound really impressive. and make up really lame bullshit answers. i can make myself look good for a retail job or for a waitressing position, but an engineering job? what am i getting myself into? oh, and also, there's a 35% chance IF I GET a position, that it would be out of state. and not like toledo ohio out of state, like california or texas or south carolina or something. yikes. that sounds awesome, but i'm so anti-social when it comes to shit like that that i would probably be a wreck trying to acclimate myself in a new city with not a soul that i know. oh, and how am i supposed to sign a lease for next year if i don't know what and where i'll be going/doing. ahhhhhhhh.

sorry you had to read through all of that, i just had a i'm not really an adult and i think i'll never be an adult attack. if you know what i mean.

ok, so recently i've been thinking... wait, no elipses, just a period. so recently i've been thinking. i think it's the third-year bug. it's weird how cyclical high school and college are... it's a little scary. you know those parody's in the year book of freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors? anyone who went to marian knows what i'm talking about... but anyway, i think the SAME thing goes for college, which is the antithesis of what i imagined college to be like. but that's usual. i guess. alright nothing else to say.

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