Saturday, September 14, 2002

i was talking to a friend about jealousy. i guess his girlfriend of 2 1/2 years broke up with hiim last year, and he was just crushed. now, about 6 months later and whatnot, he has started seeing another girl. he told his ex, who he is still good friends with, and a couple of days later, she started asking him "when are you going to come visit me?" and stuff. totally wants his ass now. POINT of my story. he said something to the effect of girls are fucked up. i agreed, and told him about jealousy. i said girls are the most jealous creatures ever, and it was because of this new chick that the ex was all let's hook up. then he asked me a little more about jealousy, and i made some grand statement that you had to have been involved with someone to be jealous. like, you can't be jealous if matt damon has a girlfriend... if your hot neighbor has a girlfriend, you aren't really entitled to be jealous of her. so, to get to the point of my story once again. i take that back. you can definately be jealous of someone you've never been involved with, because sometimes the prospect of a hook up is more exciting than the hook up itself. and that is all i mean.

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