Monday, November 12, 2007

Weekend Wrap-Up

Friday night:  consumed an insane amount of Aubree’s pizza, ignoring my stomach’s plea to cease and desist at my earliest convenience. Also played (and lost) Kino for the 2nd time in my life, and thus realized I may have the tiniest of slivers of lazy gambling spirit in me.  (Other versions of lazy gambling spirit:  betting anyone who thinks they know more about celebrity gossip than you do, or playing slots at a casino, kerplink, kerplonk, kerplunk.) Commenced the night by buying I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry because Blockbuster was out, watched 30 minutes of it, realized how God-awful it was, listed it and sold it on EBay before the movie was even over.  I know, we’re such PARTY ANIMALS!


Saturday:  vigorous and deeply satisfying apartment cleaning, craft show, dinner with the in-laws and grandparent in-laws, drinks upon drinks upon drinks with Robby, and attempting to help a bro out by passing love lust notes and also failing miserably with my overt stares at the subject.  Big Ten Burritos were consumed, I think.


Sunday:  Alpha’s, hydrating, lazying, Tylenoling, moaning, crying, puking.  Waiting 1.5 hours for Thai takeout, telling myself “the wait will be worth it… the food will taste so much better after this wait” and then being supremely disappointed, wait or no wait, nay, especially because of the wait.  I imagined the food would taste that way coming up rather than going down.



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