Monday, November 5, 2007

To Complain or Not To Complain?

Am I being a total bitch by being totally wanting to lay out the checkout lady at Meijer who palmed my coupons?   Now, I realize that by admitting that, I admit that I use coupons which just makes me feel cheap and all, but my anger far outweighs my embarrassment over being cheap.


First of all, they were dollar coupons. Worth whole dollars!   Dollars to pay for pops and lattes and, I don't know, electric bills. Secondly, eff you! I realize that I should have caught it while the transactions were happening, but I didn't put 2 + 2 together fast enough. I handed her coupons and the proceeded to finish bagging my grocery in my eco-friendly reusable bags. Damn, I was even DOING HER JOB and she still stole from me!  


As she handed me my receipt, I was all "why does she have crumpled paper in her hand?" but that's was the extent to that thought and I forgot it immediately. It wasn't until I got home and studied my receipt more closely that I learned of Cynthia's crime.   (Stupid Cynthia.)


Now, I realize that 1.) she works at Meijer and 2.) she probably needs the $2.00 more than I do, but it's the principle of the matter. I clipped those coupons like the frugal cheapskate I am so close to becoming it frightens me just a wee bit. She even had the audacity to chit-chat with me before hand!


So, if I make a formal complaint and she gets fired (not that I would have any way of knowing, per se…) would I sleep guilty at night, or forget all about it? Oh, the choices we make…


P.S. I freaking love daylight savings time. Bring on the dark skies, bia!

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