Friday, August 24, 2007

Much Like Accidentally Reading a Movie or Book Spoiler

You know that awful feeling of regret mixed with that pit-in-your-stomach mixed with “Whyyyyyy did I doooo that?!” when your eyes move against your brain’s will and read down at the end of a website containing spoilers you weren’t going to read, you swear, you would NOT read how the end of the movie ends…


I’m sure many people fell prey to this phenomenon during Harry Potter frenzy, etc. but for me?  I got that feeling when I was put on hold with a supplier this afternoon while at work.


Knowing from past experiences that this company has HORRID hold-music, I was prepared to start humming to myself in my cubicle, or start reciting what I could remember from “The Raven” which my 8th grade English teacher made us memorize, or even start talking to myself rhetorically like my coworkers do. 


But with that same power that forces you to scan your eyes down even though you see the **~*ALERT SPOILERS~!!11!!!** warning, I didn’t plug my ears, put the phone down, or answer “no” when asked “will you hold?”


Instead, I braced myself against the chair, lied to myself by theorizing “maybe it’ll be GOOD pop music… some JT or Fergie” and listened:


The Bodyguard, by her HIGHness, Whitney Houston.


Obviously, I have some bad karma residing somewhere on my karma slate.  After those painful two minutes, that slate damn well better be scrub clean, clean like the top of the Empire State Building


I’m still shuddering.


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