Friday, August 17, 2007

Case Cracked?

For over 2 years now, I’ve periodically received phone calls from someone trying to fax. It happens every few months, and I’ll get 10 calls in a row from an Unknown Caller and all I hear is the fax shriek and I grumble to turn my phone to silent because I know there will be 9 more calls to follow. Since I never get a phone number I can’t block the call and sometimes Unknown Callers turn out to be actual phone calls from people I know, so I can’t just ignore every time I see that on my Caller ID.


Finally today I get about 6 of those fax calls starting at 7:15 am (Thanks!!) and I turn my phone to silent. Then, a few hours later, I reach into my purse at work to grab something, see that my phone LCD is lit up because someone is calling, except this time! It’s a phone number! An unrecognizable phone number! I answer the inquisitive “hello?” and hear those precious precious words… “sorry, wrong number, I was trying to fax something” and I can finally let him know that this number you’ve been faxing for 2 years? It’s a cell phone buddy.


Lame news, lame blog, but that totally made my Friday.

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