Monday, July 25, 2005

(this was written in july and i had it on 'draft' mode, thought about canning it, but the last line it just too funny...)

People are just annoying the shit out of me. The girl in class who interrupts the teacher and goes "Excuse me, does it bother you that I'm using this?" and then nods down at her tiny Apple laptop thing (I'm not cool enough to know what they're actually called...) Dumbass. Why didn't you just stand up and say "Hey guys, look at my (tiny Apple laptop thing). I'm really proud of it and want you all to see it, so please look at it." Honestly I'd rather. Instead I just sit there and seeth and probably look like the Bride of Chucky.
Then there's the guy who flipped me off in the car. I've heard of people flipping other people off, but I didn't know it actually happened. Who fucking gives someone the middle finger? That's so Age Seven. And don't you know the laws of merging ramps? The person EXITING the highway onto the ramp slows down, the person leaving the ramp to get on the highway speeds up. Moron.
Then, oh then, there's work. Talk about seething...

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