Saturday, July 9, 2005

Kids - I have some funny shit. Fresh from my middle-school (okay, and maybe a little into high school) "dream journal" ... I present you with:
My Dreams, circa 1996.

12-22 Lot's of dreams tonight:
I went on some kind of bus ride with Jason Priestly, Michael Jordan, some other famous guy, Jenny McCarthy, and Larry Kennedy*. Larry Kennedy stayed on the bus collecting bottle caps. The girls (including me there were 3) got off the bus which was parked at Bingham Farms and were dancing aroudn in our bathing suits. And the guys were walking around naked! It was wierd.
I was on a highway and all of a sudden this lady was stopped on the bipass (the bridge thing over the highway) and asked if she wanted to do this space experiment. She said yes and they put her in this small rocket thing that could only fit one person. Then they sent her off right there on the highway 28 miles up. It was like I could see her going all the way up into the sky. When she wasw all the way up, she circled a bigger spaceship and came down. She looked nausious.
This one guy (who is hot) from the German III class asked me out. The thing was the classes were all weird. Then I walked in wearing a dress that had straps and was short. Plus I was really skinny. That's probably why he asked me out.

*ed. note: Larry Kennedy is not famous. He was some kid from my elementary school, some kid I was not even friends with, and I have NO idea why he was in my dream.]

My dream was that there were really bad tornadoes and every-one was freaking out. The streets were all lined with people. The teachers (I think I was with my school) cut up bree cheese and told us to put it over our heads for protection. Then I really had to pee so I peed in the Nordloh's backyard. We were all sitting by these houses. I was looking at one and all of a sudden the family room blew up and two little boys lfew out. It was like they were dead but I called out to them to come over to where we were and sit w/us. Also Mom and I were walking and she saw a diamond store but when we went in it was like a hippie sotre and mom bought a diamond catalog.

A wonderful dream last night! Gavin Rossdale..... hottie! I was on a cruise where some bad guy was on it and told us to get off (sound like Speed 2?) but Gavin wasn't in that part. All I can remember w/ him is there were a bunch of girls going gaga over him and Melissa (C.) was there and she made some stupid remark. All the other girls made fools of themselves in front of him except me. He made some joke, which I laughed at, and he gave me an incredible smile!! [<---- it should be noted that this !! was made to look like a smiling face. OMG] I never wanted the dream to end!

-I dreamt that Prince William was in myh house but I was too chicken to talk to him!
-I also dreamt that I was on a campground of some sort and some guy was chasing us and killed one of my friends who was named Oreo. Then I pretended I was dead. Then mom and I had to leave the campground but we couldn't take any of our stuff because the killer could come back and notice it. We drove by a huge movie theater on the way out but I thought that he was in there so we didn't stop for help.
[This next one is the best!]
-Another dream I'd had was that our family was the subject of a horror film. The bad guy was Marilyn Manson! It was so scary! He was chasing us all around our house. I tried hiding in closets and stuff but I kept on having to change spots. Then at the end we walked into the house (the "chase" took place inside and outside) and we saw him lying there like he was dead. Dad said that he'd committed suicide because he was screwed up but I didn't believe him. Then mom, Alli, and I were walking over to Woodside and it was like I was watching the movie and could see that he had opened his eyes, as if he was pretending to be dead. Then we went back to the house and he was gone. Needless to say I woke up terrified.

About a week ago I had a dream that mom had a baby boy whom she named Davenport. Then she died. It was a tres-wierd dream. I hope it doesn't come true.

OKAY. Can we say. WHAT THE FUCK. I had such fucking weird dreams. What a creep I was, seriously! And probably still am. I found this journal when I was looking for something to jot down some stuff on, and I had it at work and started to read through it to see what was in it and I had to STIFLE the laughs cuz it was so ridiculous, the stuff I had written. First of all, who keeps "dream journals"?? Apparently, I did, between 1995 and 1996. Second of all, 14 year olds dreaming about Marilyn Manson chasing them around their house? Or celebrities smiling at them or boys hitting on them because of their short dress with straps and because they were skinny!? What a weirdo.

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