Thursday, May 12, 2005

The interesting part of hotel parties is always the part where it is the last 3 people of the party, you, your best friend, and this guy, and you're not sure if your friend wants you to leave so she can hook up with the guy, but you drove her and her stuff is in your car, and the guy is right there, so you try to make eyes at your best friends, eyes like "you want me to leave?" but you are still talking to the guy and your friend at the same time so you're like "so yeah that was funny when he dropped the entire box of alcohol" except you say it with a half-raised eye, the eye that you hope the guy can't see cuz he's on your other side, but since you were never that ambidextrous, on you it looks like you have an eyelash or something in your eye or you're about to sneeze instead of the inquisitive eyebrow "want me to leave you here?"

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