Monday, March 7, 2005

Musings from the waiting room at the car service station:

-Must gather together a small bag of goodies and keep with me at all times, in case anyone from a news station or similar ever interviews me for the evening news. No, I was not interviewed for the evening news, nor do I watch said television program, but after watching the evening news (albeit on Mute) in the service waiting room, and seeing that woman in a horrible ponytail and chapped lips with no mascara on, I was struck with that possibility of that one day happening to me. High maintenance, I have never been. A prima-donna? Nope. But good lord, if I am ever on TV (Those Harsh Lights!) without so much as a trace of Chapstick (the black kind) or mascara (brown, but I'm not brand loyal), you can officially remove me from your phone book, Buddy-List, or "Girl I Wanna Screw" list. ;)

-If I ever were to be a news reporter, and tried to do an undercover-slash-hidden-camera style job wherein I leave a Fiver in my car in plain sight and see if the service guys try to steal it, I should not and will not conduct this story at Saturn of Southfield. Not that they are necessarily honest people (or otherwise), but the Manager will alert you of the money (In Plain Sight!) and instruct the removal of currency before you leave your keys. Foiled!

-I would call the hypothetical story "You think you know... but you have no idea. Diary of a Fiver." And then I would try and see if it is possible to affix a GPS to the bill and track the usage of the illicit goods, maybe get a miniscule little camera that shakily, and with a green tint to the picture, shows the service guy taking the bill, and you see a shot up his nose and then it goes black as he pockets it.

-Note to self: Check with MTV for copyrights on by-lines.
-Note to self #2: Get a life.

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