Monday, March 28, 2005

Ha-ha! I just found a really funny away message I put up one night after coming home from the bar. It gave me a chuckle (chuckle!) and it reads:

note to self: when getting dressed to go see a friend's friend's band play at the bar, make sure they aren't hosting an event for the DETROIT SINGLES CLUB on the same night, because then you won't choose to wear a skirt and a blazer with just a bra, because then you will look like a desperate 20-something when in fact you JUST WANTED TO GO SEE THE BAND AND HAVE A COCKTAIL not look for cock-slash-tail (dot dot dot)

anyway, I've been a total slacker on my blog, and the first quarter is almost over, so i better go to my quarterly update! (nerdery)

I'm playing hookey from work tomorrow, so expect a post, a long and rambling post. Maybe with pictures.

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