Sunday, April 18, 2004

I do believe last night marked a first. Not only did I throw up in a bar (in a controlled environment, ie. the bathroom stall at my own will) BUT I also continued drinking after I threw up! Damn. I always wondered how people did that... and now I know. I have been spending way too much money at the bar recently, and as Allison said "I want to get married" I just said "I want a guy to buy me a drink" and it couldn't be any more true. I'm broke, I don't have a job (right now), I'm a college senior at a Big-Ten University... things couldn't get much better and for that I am very grateful.

*** 2 days later... how did my blog go from a rant about being poor and wanting someone to foot the bill for my excessive drinking habit as of late to how grateful I am to be a college senior? I think i was still drunk at the time... ***

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