Thursday, September 18, 2003

i always feel nervous blogging from work. you know, they monitor my internet usage and such... but then again, my friend (shall remain nameless to protect his identity) ordered his girlfriend a "gift" on-line from work, and nothing was ever said about it. makes me wonder how he even got to a website like that, seeing as how i can't even access MSU e-mail from here. anyway.
haven't had a hangover in a while. forgot how much they suuuuuucked. my joints hurt, i'm hunched over like a little lady - er - big lady. ah, such is life.
i bought a membership to a gym - GOLDS! - and it's open 24 hours. hot-tub, steam room, sauna, the works. like my friend said, "you go there to get a hot body." i go there for the cable television and eye candy. : P

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