Monday, September 22, 2003

coming to realizations sucks. first, it sucks to realize that college will soon be over. sucks so much, i try not to think about it a lot, actually i forget sometimes. "but you haven't really been in college for like 9 months now" you may say. but it's the knowledge that i'll be back in East Lansing soon that keeps me going.
second on the list is realizing that your roommate has sex on your couch when she thinks you're sleeping, but we'll leave that for another day... (or not...)
also sucks when you realize that someone no longer cares about you. you can't hold it against them, you know, cuz you can't make someone like you... but then again, yes you can. sometimes you can. so then you think, "okay, so i couldn't make this one like me for good... what's wrong with me?" and all sorts of negative and depressing thoughts go through your head, which are only amplified by seeing your aforementioned roommated's boyfriend drive 2 1/2 hours EACH WAY to see her for a few hours at least twice a week. (so what if they're nymphos too... just as long as it's not on the couch...) not to MENTION the other roommate discussing marriage with her boyfriend. i mean, cora and jeremy just make me wanna puke they're so cute. she didn't go out for like a week because she stayed home to make a book for him entitled "365 reasons I love you" for their 1-year anniversary. now let's TALK about realizations.
fourthly, which, i might add, i first spelled "4thly" is realizing you're a dumbass. no, just kidding. (i already KNOW that, thus cannot 'realize' something you already know. : P) fourthly it is unfortunate to realize, especially when you're down, (warning, cliches!) that your life is your choice. life doesn't just happen to people. when you look down at where you're standing and realize that you don't like it, you are looking at the feet that got you there.
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