Sunday, March 16, 2003

you know what i hate? hmmm, how do i say this... ok it used to annoy me when i was out with my mom or dad, and they would run into someone they knew, a neighbor or friend or something, and they would talk about me while i was standing right there, an awkward, sightly being just wasting air. (we all had an ugly phase, don't try and pretend like you didn't.) hmm, now that doesnt quite connect with what i'm trying to say, but kinda. it's like, hi, dad, why are you telling mrs. brown about my violin recital while i'm in clear, obvious earshot. not like i was a bad kid and they were talking about why i was in juvie this time, but ya know. principle. bah. whatever. i gave up pop for lent, not that i am a practicing catholic at all or anything. lent for me is basically a diet. always around my birthday (when my new years resolutions expire) and right as spring is about to start, perfect time to diet. and fuck, do i need it. blah. i went running though yesterday. no, i did not just go running, i woke up at 8:30 in the morning and went running. who does that? oh yeah, motivated, athletic, fit people. but certainly not me. but, i did! can you believe it. shit, i was proud of myself for being up before 11. also partook (partaked??!!) in the obligatory spring cleaning, but certainly am not finished. DID do my car, however, which was waaaaay overdue. now, i wont' be embarassed if i have to drive people anywhere. i'm always the person who, when it comes to be lunch time, says "alright (insert name here), you wanna drive?" or just keep my mouth shut until someone offers. that, and i drive a saturn. hell, even I don't fit in the back-seat of a saturn. 'nough said. today i sat out on my cute little patio (and by cute, i mean ugly concrete with twenty or so dried up worms, which looked like something you would find on an asian salad or something) and re-beaded my necklace and read my book. the sun was just awesome, and whatever vitamin or whatever the suns lets you absorb, i got my daily intake time ten. felt good indeed. that's it for now. i seem to be more interested in other people's lives at the moment to consider having one of my own. not a bad thing at all really. i'll write more later, should something merit a blog.

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