Wednesday, March 19, 2003

fuck! this is why i hate war:
In his four-minute announcement from the Oval Office, Bush said the military campaign, supported by 35 nations, would make efforts to spare Iraqi civilians. But he made it clear the U.S. military planned to use its full might in the war.
it's like "well, we will try our hardest not to kill the innocent, but you know, it's a small country and we gotta blast the hell out of it to make sure we get 'em all" okay, so maybe we're not blasting the whole country out of the desert, but i still didn't like that comment.
i was tutoring delquan today, and he's a very aware 10 year old... he started talking about the war against afghanistan (no, i didn't correct him) and stuff. i didn't know what was appropriate to say to him, because, you know, he's 10. so i asked him if they talked about the war in school or anything, and he said no. this led me to believe his parents have the t.v. on and/or talk to him about it... so he or i brought up george dubbya, i dont remember who it was... and delquan goes "he's just another man, in another suit." i was just amazed that came out of a 10-year-old's mouth.
well that's all for tonight. buenos noches.

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