Friday, March 28, 2003

what should i do? a) take classes next spring, walk in graduation, then take the last 2 or 3 classes i have in the summer orrrrr b) take classes next spring, go back to fort wayne like i'm supposed to and finish my coop, then go back to EL fall 2004 and take a super-light semester and graduate in december. i'm leeeeeeaning towards... well i wont tell you. i want your advice. i just enrolled for next spring, it feels to weird to be thinking that far in advance... well maybe its not that, but maybe its weird to be thinking its going to be my 2nd to last semester, or my last REAL semester at michigan state. how the time flies by, its sick. anyway, drop me a line if you read my blog on friday the 28th before 5 pm, i'll be here at work... tangerine-erine-erine... i want a tangerine.

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