Wednesday, January 15, 2003

LOL (okay maybe not so loud, but internally, i'm laughing my ass off) i just remembered back to the summer when my 2 best friends packed me a nice little care package, only to have my mom and sister get all excited about it, run up to me like children, asking if they can take a peek inside and have some candy (no joke). only to their surprise do they find some, err, well i wouldn't call it candy, but i do suppose it could go in your mouth. nuf said, that was pretty sick. but it was intensely funny at the time and i still laugh about it. raaaaaaaandom memory. well, not quite so. point of my story: i like when things can make me laugh at work, such as (work) IMs, and random memories. that's pretty much it for now. wow i kind of feel like someone i know who writes really bad blogs. s/he will remain nameless, but don't you wonder if it's yoooooou?!?! ; )

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