Friday, January 24, 2003

*****DISCLAIMER***** totally, utterly, and entirely stolen from someone elses blog,

<----------I have often wondered which is worse, not having an experience and longing for it or having that experience in the past but being unable to have it now.

No experience: On one hand, you don't know what you are missing. However, you long for it more than one who has had the experience; the void could be bigger because you can't fill it with memories of what it was like. You feel like you are missing something, yet the fact that you can't pinpoint it leaves you frustrated.

With experience: On the other hand, you can fill the void of wanting to have this experience now, but when you do, you are reminded of how you are without it which brings equal, maybe greater, sadness than if you had never known what that experience was like.

I am torn here as to which side of the hill has greener grass. I suppose they are both grassless until you get to have a picnic on the grassy patch in between. So, the experience itself seems to be the only way to look out to all sides of the hill and see nothing but green.-------------------->

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