Sunday, January 12, 2003

I’m blogging from word… cuz I’m disconnected and won’t be hooked up to the www until Saturday. And I hate word because it capitalizes my I’s and proper nouns, such as Saturday. Screw that! Oh and the first word of each sentence. And when I spell sentence with an a after the t, it corrects it for me! Frustrating. I think this is a sign I need a life.

Anyway. I am still not unpacked entirely… I think it’s a form of denial myself… not quite sure on that. I’m thinking of picking up my dr. phil book and taking a glance at it to see if I’m crazy or what not.

New years eve was pretty fun, drove to kalamazoo and hung out with kare and ame and her friend rachel. You should have seen us at midnight, oh we were uncontrollable. And by uncontrollable, I mean sitting on the couch, doing pretty much nothing, freaking out that we were sitting there like bumps on logs. : ) it was funny if you ask me. But you didn’t, so I’ll move right along.

The next day I was supposed to go see lion king, but I kinda screwed that one up. I called mike to tell him that the show we were going to see was sold out, and we made plans to see a later one (ummm, and why didn’t you tell me you were at 14 and lahser, you t **d). so I go out and run errands, seeing as how it was my last day to get my shit together before I moved. To make a short story less long (???) I was way late getting to his house and we missed the show. Bummer. Goooooood story. We ended up eating and what not, and I almost got beat up by the waiter. Ended the night with a regret, but oh well.

Friday was move day. Really, though, extremely uneventful. Jane drove like 65 mph, and I cringed. I was like “do you want me to drive, no REALLY I don’t mind… are you SURE?” I’m such a brat like that. Saturday was KARIN’S 21st birthday!!! Waaaahooey, so I drove up to kzoo to help her ring in that special birthday. We went to Fridays where jack and co. bought her drink after drink. She was drunk soon enough :P that was the beginning of our “bathroom breaks”. I love when I drink with my friends (as opposed to my enemies?!?!)… because when we get drunk, we have “talks” about “things”. I love it. Its funny cuz once the barrier is broken, we’ll go to the bathroom to talk, and then someone will kick the other out cuz she actually has to pee. It’s funny, I guess. It was a fun night, got to hang out with rob, and got to see jack and jon and ryan (even re-enacted the whole marriage counselor thing) and their other friends.

Today, Sunday, I just drove back to the Wayne and attempted to unpack. Like I said, I think I’m in denial. I can’t really deny the fact that I have to work in 8 hours though, for 8 hours. Alsjkfa;jksdajdalfjd. Fuck, that even capitalized that jargon, I hate that!

My next blog will be in code, I swear.

<<<11:25 pm, Sunday january 5th. 2003.>>>

If I had a penny for every time…

<<<11:32 pm, Monday january 6th. 2003.>>>

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